Eat This For A Strong Immune System

It’s fall (yay), so naturally a lot of us are thinking about the upcoming winter and sickness season. I spoke with a friend this weekend who asked about what he could eat to avoid getting sick. With #COVID keeping us indoors (for the most part) and a vaccine still on the way, my friend wanted to do what he could do now to make sure his #immune system is strong throughout this winter and the rest of the pandemic.

Control what you can. What you eat is in your control. Today’s #nutrition tip is about making your immune system strong:

Eat iron to keep your immune system strong.

Iron is one of many things that keep you #healthy. As you may know, #iron is mostly found in red meat.

Not a big red meat eater? Try some of these iron-rich foods instead:




Dark leafy greens

Want to go the iron supplement route?

Here's how to get the most out your iron supplement:

Don’t eat calcium 2 hours before or after your iron pill (calcium stops iron from getting absorbed).

Drink orange juice or eat citrus fruit with your iron pill (vitamin C helps with iron absorption).

Stay safe out there!

Want more personalized nutrition advice?

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