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Success Stories

"My experience working with Emily was nothing but positive! She has a deep understanding of nutrition and was able to teach me in a way that was understandable and unique to my body and habits. During the time she coached me, she was always supportive and flexible to my needs in making the program work for me. She works with you on setting personal goals and how to get there. Ultimately, like any nutrition program, what you get out of it depends on the work you put in. But Emily will be right there as your biggest cheerleader the entire time!"

-Abbie Fontanilla, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily is a warm and compassionate listener, and her program is so much more than just getting a nutrition plan. Our time together opened my eyes to my needs and values, and how to best support myself through food and exercise. I can't wait to see where I go from here!"

-K.S, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Working with Emily has been invaluable to me!  From minute one I felt like she truly heard me and understood my nutritional goals.  Her approach is simple and sustainable for life - eat real food, maintain balance in your diet, and don't be afraid to treat yourself!  Her knowledge and experience gave me trust in her, and she always made me feel comfortable when talking about my "up's-and-down's" with my meal plans.  She will be your biggest cheerleader throughout your journey and give you confidence to show up as your best self each day.  I highly recommend working with and learning from Emily!"

-Nutrition Coaching Client

"When I started the program I didn't think I would ever get out of this cycle of binging and restricting but I feel like I'm finally where I want to be or at least that I'm on a more positive track. I now have a better relationship with food and I don't beat myself up about minor slip-ups when it comes to eating healthy."

-Nutrition Coaching Client

"I didn't expect to get some deep insights into the "why" I was overeating, but I came away with a few. She also helped me find solutions and action steps I can take to not only eat a more balanced diet, but eat less."

-Michael Z., Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily was awesome! She helped me reach my goals in a timely manor. There was not a lot of pressure to achieve, but there was plenty of guidance that helped me get where I wanted to be. I broke some bad habits and even lost 11 pounds!"

-Nutrition Coaching Client

"I honestly can’t believe how much better I feel since working with Emily. I learned so much about food and body related issues. I have real tools that I can use to help me meet my goals! Emily is so insightful and easy to talk to! Hands down the best thing I’ve ever (done) for myself. Thank you, Emily!"

-Susie Cicchelli, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily helped me come up with an individualized nutritional plan that fit with my lifestyle. I appreciate her expertise and guidance in helping me achieve my nutritional goals. She was great in getting me to think through on ways to make my goals become realistically implementable throughout my daily life. I look forward to working with her again in the near future and highly recommend anyone to consider Emily as their nutrition coach. She is a creative, problem solver who will listen to your needs and concerns and help you in achieving your nutritional goals."

-Duy Tran, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily is a great listener and tailored her coaching to my exact needs. I've picked up so many "life hacks" that she suggested, which are so simple yet are things I would never have thought of myself. She also kept me on track with realistic and achievable goals, and filtering any "dieting" thoughts that are irrelevant, extraneous, and often harmful to nutritional plans. She is not only an excellent coach, but also a good friend who celebrates every one of my successes with me!"

-Kara, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Working with Emily for life coaching was a dream! I was truly lost and unhappy with my current job and having a very hard time performing well in interviews due to my current emotional state. Emily is very compassionate and understanding and provided very good feedback. Emily is a good listener and really takes what you say and helps come up with great suggestions, as well as asking thought provoking questions to really get you thinking. Emily really helped me determine what my strengths and values are, and helped me use them to figure out what I am looking for in my next job. I highly recommend working with Emily if you are in need of some guidance or direction with your life or career and don't know where to start. Thank you so much, Emily!"

-Carly Edwards, Life Coaching Client

"I recently completed a 5-week nutrition coaching program with Emily Zorn, MS, RD. Emily is knowledgeable, empathetic, and encouraging, and met me where I am in my nutrition and fitness without judgment. She strikes a lovely balance of inquiry and advising. At the start of the program, using a thorough assessment questionnaire and video meetings, Emily built an understanding of my nutrition needs and worked with me to come up with a baseline maintenance range (total calories, meal size and timing, and macros that work for my level of fitness, age and goals). The program was long enough to verify that the suggested range was in the right ballpark; I had a good amount of energy throughout the day, I was satiated without feeling too full, and I learned how to time my protein, fat and carb intake through the day so I was able to pursue my athletic goals. I felt that Emily understood my needs and challenges, and she reinforced that there are healthful sane alternatives to the “diet cycle” of the last 30 years, with its many confusing messages and misinformation. I appreciated the extra resources she shared, her responsiveness to my needs and questions, and the external accountability the program provided for me as I dialed in my nutrition. Thank you, Emily!"

-Emily Cookson, Nutrition Coaching Client

"I enjoyed working with Emily - she helped me create a plan based foods that I like and she also gave me lots of options which were super easy to include in my meals without of a ton of prep. The best part is I'm able to follow a healthier lifestyle without making drastic / difficult changes."

-Ananya Padgett, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily was so helpful and encouraging throughout this process. She helped me make changes that I didn’t think I could make. Emily set me up with a foundation I can take with me in the future."

-Brenda Brinkhaus, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily was great a listening and designing a plan that fits my daily routine and my schedule. I highly recommend working with Emily, she is very professional, understanding and supportive!"

-Eddie Farah, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily is a wonderful nutritionist. She works closely with you to help you accomplish your goals. She personalizes your nutrition plan and tweaks it as necessary to help you keep it. I look forward to working with her again soon!"

-Yosem Companys, Nutrition Coaching Client

"The catered nutrition plan was perfect for my workout goals and long term health! The resources provided helped me understand my nutrition better."

-T.B., Nutrition Coaching Client

"I was not sure what to expect out of my coaching sessions with Emily since this was the first time I've done anything like this, but I was pleasantly surprised with her technique of bringing out ideas from encouraging me to talk about my needs, goals and past experiences. Not only were the sessions helpful but they set me up to be able to carry on in the future with the same introspection. This will allow me to review my thoughts and progress, and make adjustments if needed. Emily's encouragement and knowledge were priceless and I look forward to utilizing the techniques she taught me to keep me moving toward my goal."

-N.B., Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily brings incredible knowledge, wisdom and compassion to each coaching session. During a time of high stress, I sought Emily out for counseling in nutrition. I left not only with practical and obtainable goals for my nutritional health but also with renewed hope and plenty of encouragement. What I didn’t expect, but quickly discovered, is that Emily is highly effective at recognizing patterns and providing emotional support.  I am grateful for the support Emily provided me."

-Sarah Lyons, Nutrition Coaching Client

"The program and working with Emily has given me the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. It has also positively changed the way I view myself, both mentally and physically."

-O.C., Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily is so kind and generous. She really does a great job of understanding what you want, and helps you get there in the most efficient and conducive way possible. If you are looking to make practical, impactful and sustainable changes to your eating (and overall health) she is the best person to work with! Everything we did was tailor made to my situation and abilities. I've been on "diets" my whole life, buy Emily's plan feels like a true lifestyle change. I love my relationship with food now and am super passionate about staying on the plan she created for me. Run don't walk to work with Emily if you want to see real long term change!"

-Ron Ben-Joseph, Nutrition Coaching Client

"Emily worked with me on a really practical level to come up with habits that didn’t feel like a chore to keep up with. I am still keeping up with the habits post program because we focused on sustainable changes. I had a great experience working with Emily. We worked together to look at my lifestyle and build sustainable habits that didn’t feel difficult to implement. This is the first time I’ve ever felt a sense of control over my relationship with food and my body image. Would highly recommend anyone who has struggled with diet culture to work with Emily."

-Gearet FitzPatrick, Nutrition Coaching Client

The best investment you can make is in your health.
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