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GOOP full day of eating.... that really lacks the eating part.

It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow and her business GOOP have been all the craze on social media these days. Her “what I eat in a day” posts have gained quite a bit of traction for consuming next to nothing. So what’s the deal with GOOP, and is it healthy (or safe) to eat what GP eats in a day? Let’s break it down:

GOOP is Gwenyth’s health and wellness platform. It is a way to share her wellness habits, beauty secrets, recipes and everything that relates to her life.

Gwenyth likes to begin with an intermittent fast (I already have a blog on this if you missed it check it out here( . She breaks her fast around noon and reaches for something that won't spike her blood sugar, so she grabs a black coffee….

After drinking her coffee, she will usually have soup for lunch, specifically bone broth. Quite filling!

Let’s fast forward:

She does an hour of movement per day and then has time in the sauna.

Next, she likes to keep her dinner paleo. Basically, avoiding grains and sticking to veggies, fruits, and proteins. Her dinner consists of a lot of vegetables to “support her detox.”

That is all we got from the “what I eat in a day” segment she did on a podcast. I don’t think I need to state the obvious but I will anyway: there are not nearly enough calories or food for any adult on this day of eating, let alone someone who is working out for an hour or more per day.

While she may eat more than this in a typical day, listeners or readers would have to do the research to find that out. If people did not dig a little deeper, they would think that she only eats bone broth, coffee, and vegetables and that maybe they should do that as well. It could be dangerous for young women or men listening to this information.

You can still eat healthy and light while still consuming adequate food and calories. She did make a disclaimer saying that this is not what she eats every day, and it does vary. She mentioned she also eats all types of cooked proteins and healthy carbs. She claims that there are plenty of days where she eats anything she wants, like French fries!

There is nothing wrong with drinking bone broth or trying your best to get lots of vegetables in your meals. In fact, that is amazing to do! But when it is paired with exercise and lack of calories that is where the concern comes in.

In the world of nutrition, it can often seem like there's a lot to figure out. Know that you don't have to do it alone. Feel free to contact me at, and let's work together to create a hydration plan that works best for you. For more in-depth nutrition information on a range of topics, tune into my podcast RDs vs BS available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or through the website Stay informed and empowered on your journey towards improved health!

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