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Guilt-Free Gratitude: A Guide to Healthy Choices this Holiday Season

Guilt-Free Gratitude: A Guide to Healthy Choices this Holiday Season

Happy November! The days are getting shorter, and the holiday season is right around the corner. While this time of year is a season of joy, there’s no doubt that stress is involved as well. Stress about balancing family time, holiday travel, and navigating the abundance of food and drinks that come with the celebrations.

The challenge to make wise nutritional choices while surrounded by temptations is a common struggle. However, the good news is you can still enjoy the holiday spirit without compromising your health goals. Let's explore how.

Strategies for a Healthy Holiday Season

Before the “Big Meal”:

Skip the popular advice of 'saving calories' for the big meal. Fasting all day often leads to overindulgence, leaving you sluggish and regretful. Instead, opt for balanced, lighter meals leading up to dinner. Think lean proteins, lots of veggies, and complex carbs to keep your energy level high and your metabolism revving.

At Holiday Parties:

Introduce a "Plate, Table, Chair" rule. Always eat off a plate, seated at a table. This practice encourages mindful eating, enabling you to recognize when you're actually full. It's a simple but effective way to sidestep the trap of mindlessly eating your way through a party.

Navigating Holiday Treats:

Deprivation isn't the answer. Completely avoiding Aunt Suzie’s famous pumpkin pie or grandma's homemade cookies can make you fixate on them even more. When surrounded by dessert options, pick 2-3 small treats that you’re especially excited about. Savor them, relish the taste, and enjoy them guilt-free. This way, you enjoy your special dessert without overindulging.

The holidays are a tricky time for balancing fun, food, and health. If you're seeking a more personalized approach to your help as the year comes to a close, I’m here for you. Book your free initial nutrition session today by visiting Let's embark on a journey to make this holiday season, and every season after, your healthiest yet.

Further Learning

For more insights into nutrition and healthy living, tune into my podcast, RDs vs BS, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and There's nothing like a little nutrition knowledge to accompany you on those holiday road trips.

Here's to a balanced, joyous, and healthy holiday season. Stay tuned for more tips in December.

In the world of nutrition, it can often seem like there's a lot to figure out. It seems like everyone is trying to sell a specific diet or plan, but the truth is that everyone’s nutrition needs are unique. Know that you don't have to go on your nutrition journey alone. Check out to sign up for a free nutrition intro session where we can talk about creating a nutrition plan that works best for you.

For more in-depth nutrition information on a range of topics, tune into my podcast RDs vs BS available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or through the website

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