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Supplements: Are Greens Powders worth it?

Green powders are absolutely taking over the internet right now. With all the craze of bloating, GI distress and gut health talk on social media have come quick fixes that are supposed to get rid of all your symptoms. But are they worth the money?

Let’s look at one of the most popular brands Athletic Greens. The ingredients are as follows:

As you can see there are loads of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that are packed into this powder. This will cost you $99 for 30 days’ worth of product. This is roughly $3.30 per day.

There is no doubt that these powders are packed with healthy ingredients and additives. They are seen as desirable because they contain plenty of plants which “contain polyphenols, which protect against a number of cardiometabolic diseases, cancers, and other health concerns.” The main goal from consuming these powders is to pack as much nutrition into your daily diet as you can, and they do that without a doubt.

The only argument against these powders is that if you already try to eat a well-balanced diet you will already be obtaining enough nutrition from REAL food sources. Unless you struggle to eat or do not have access to fresh produce, you will (most likely) be consuming an adequate number of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and mineral per day to keep your body healthy and happy.

There have been lots of positive reviews around greens powders once given adequate time to work. But they are by no means necessary. Try your hardest to consume fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you can while also eating foods you love. You will not miss out on vital nutrition but if you want to supplement with even more fruits and veggies via a greens powder, it will cause no harm! It is your body and fuel it with whatever makes you feel your healthiest and happiest self.

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