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The Truth About Eating After 7pm

Updated: May 5, 2021

Happy September! This is my first fall in California after spending 26 years living in places that have seasons. So you’re telling me the leaves don’t change here? That I don't have to start pulling out my winter clothes?

This week's tip is something that people ask me about all the time…eating at night. Here’s the thing:

Nothing bad will happen to you if you eat after 7pm.

Is this surprising to you? I know you've heard otherwise, so hear me out.

When you eat after 7pm, your body processes your food the same way it would if you ate it at 6:55pm. You won't get unhealthy or gain weight if you eat after a certain time…I promise. What matters most is your overall calorie intake.

To argue the other side…it's true that you’ll likely use the calories you eat earlier in the day for energy to do your daily activities. When you eat at night, those calories probably won’t be used right away (unless you’re planning to do something later that night). Still, what matters most are the types and amounts of foods you eat. Don’t stress yourself out over the timing too much; focus on what you’re eating first.


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