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Why You Should Start Now

Updated: May 5, 2021

Are you typically a New Years resolution person?

Whether you are or not, we all have goals that we want to accomplish. The new year seems like a great time to start something new and start working towards these goals. However, tying your goal to a specific time like the new year can actually make it less likely that you achieve your goal.

Want to make your goal happen for real this time around? Here’s the tip of the week:

Start now.

Mindset is everything. Realizing that your goal is likely going to require a long term lifestyle change is the first step in making your goal actually happen.

Yes, it’s December which is a stressful and busy month. And yes, it’s the end of 2020, the craziest year ever. But you can still start now with one small action that will bring you closer to your goal.

We still have half of December to go until 2021. Don’t waste time; get a jump start on your New Years resolutions today!


PS: I was recently published in an article about eggs and weight loss. If you’re interested in reading it, click here!


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